With Newzletter.io You Can...

Create Daily Newsletters

With Newsletter.io, you can create newsletters every day for 365 days in a year. That’s if you want to be sending daily newsletters.

Create Weekly newsletters

In case you prefer to be sending newsletters on Weekly basis, you can choose to create weekly newsletters too.

Create Content Release Newsletters

Newzletter.io allows you to create newsletters for notifying your subscribers when you post a new content on your blog or social media channels...

Newzletter.io is A Newsletter Software For Creators.

Nobody wants to be sold to, Not even you. But there’s only one thing that can make your subscribers want to buy from you every time.

“When you must have built a strong rapport with them over time.”

That’s exactly where Newzletter.io Will help you.

Newzletter.io is a software that helps online entrepreneurs to create quality and engaging daily, weekly, and Content Release newsletters for engaging their audience.

Creating quality and engaging newsletters with Newzletter.io is just as simple as saying “Cheese”

Why Should You Start Using Newzletter.io Today?

Reduce Stress

Take the stress and worry off having to constantly brainstorm something fresh to send your email list.

Save Time

Save days of your precious time spent writing newsletter emails week after week!.

Save Money

Stop spending your hard earned money on swipe files or expensive copywriters.

Build Trust & Customer Loyalty

Sending your subscribers newsletter with valuable info will instil a sense of loyalty, trust, and love in them.

Focus On Your Business

Focus on growing your biz knowing that you have a system that ensures that your subscribers are well taken care of.

Get better Open rates and make more sales

While sales emails get an average open rate of 16.97%, newsletters emails can get you up to 40% open rates.

Keep your List Active

If you don't email your list more often, it will grow cold and unresponsive. Newsletter.io will help you to prevent that.

Reactivate your Dying List

With this software, you can turn your list from luke-warm contacts into new clients and customers.

Lower Unsubscribe Requests

Write and send daily emails without burning your list out (or getting lots of unsubscribes and spam complaints

How it works?

Step 1

Select the type of newsletter you want to create.

Step 2

Select the month you want to create the newsletter.

Step 3

Chose the week and the day you want to create the newsletter

Step 4

Answer a few questions about your brand and your audience

Who is Newzletter.io For?

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What makes Newzletter.io a One of a Kind?

Create Annual Content Release Newsletters

If you are a content creator, or you’re planning to become one, you need to always notify your audience when you publish/post new content on your content channels. Newzletter.io allows you to create such newsletters to use and announce when you publish a new post.

Very Easy To Use

Creating newsletters with Newzletter.io is easy peasy. All you need is to answer a few questions about your brand and subscribers, and your newsletters will be generated instantly.

Supports team Collaboration

You can invite your team members to share workspace with you.

Access To Our Newsletter Template Library

Get access to an amazing collection of “Done-For-You Newsletters''. You can tweak these newsletters to fit your business and offer.

Edit Saved Newsletters

From your dashboard, you can view, edit and quickly make changes to the email sequences you have created and saved.

Built By Team Of Professional Copywriters

With Newsletter.io, it’s assumed that you hired a copywriter that'll be churning out engaging newsletters for you.


There is no script or software to download and install on your computer. Just log in to your Newzletter.io account and start creating your engaging newsletters.

Supports 100+ languages

You can create your newsletters in 100+ languages.

Ai feature to rewrite your Newsletters

In case you want to change the tone of your newsletter, the Ai rewrite feature is always there for you to rewrite the newsletters until you get what you want.

Export your newsletters as Doc, PDF, TXT, etc

When you’re done creating your newsletters, you can export them as doc, PDF, of txt file

Supports Autoresponder Integration

You can as well integrate your autoresponder to export the emails you create.

Newsletter Bank

The Newsletter Bank is like a DIY feature that allows you to create your own newsletter and store newsletters from another source, or the ones you’ve written.

Pricing Plans


per month
  • Create 60-days Daily Newsletter
  • Create 8-Weeks Weekly Newsletter
  • Create 8-Weeks Content Release Newsletter
  • Create Custom Newsletter
  • Access to the Newsletter Template Library
  • 3,000/m Ai Creditss
  • Integrations
  • Single user
  • Translator
  • Newsletter Bank
  • Priority Support
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Professional Licence

per month
  • Unlimited Daily Newsletter
  • Unlimited Weekly Newsletter
  • Unlimited Content Release Newsletter
  • Smart Newsletter
  • Creat Newsletters With Ai
  • Create Custom Newsletter
  • Access to Newzletter.io Template Library
  • 30,000/m Ai Credits
  • Integrations
  • 10 users
  • Translator
  • Newsletter Bank
  • Priority Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need Newzletter.io even if you already have EmailWritr. The Two of them are not the same. While EmailWritr helps you to create Pure marketing email sequences for promoting your products and services, Newzletter.io helps you to create engaging Newsletters that you can use to engage, and build relationship and trust in the eyes of your customers. This will make them trust and become more loyal to you than your competitors.

Just the same way your subscribers signed up to your mailing list, they are also on your competitors’ mailing list. And your competitors are always selling one thing or the other to them every single time. No nurturing, No value…. Just selling selling selling.

But you can be different. You could be that person who always look out for your subscribers by sending engaging newsletters that’ll help them to push their lives and businesses forward. And once you start doing this, they are going to be loyal to you forever.

No matter the industry you’re into, you’ll need to build engagement and trust around your brand. Newzletter.io is that handy app that’ll help you create those slick newsletters

It’ll help you to train your audience. Here’s what I mean… You’re probably worried that you will get a low click-through rate and that is why you are avoiding newsletters. Keep in mind, that sending a regular newsletter will train your audience to open your emails. By showing your audience you are providing quality content that is worth reading, they'll be more likely to open your email when you send a promo or special offer email.

It turns out that not only are newsletter emails still useful—they're also one of the best channels for developing a stronger relationship with your prospects and customers.

Well, your business can survive without newsletters, but not for long term. It’ll get to a point when your customers will even start questioning how they got into your mailing list if you stay long without mailing them. With Newzleter.io, you’ll never run out of engagement content to share with your subscribers.

You can create 365 days daily newsletter, Annual weekly newsletter, and annual weekly content release newsletter.

You can always send us a ticket at support@newzletter.io anytime and our support team will give you all the assistance you need.